We’re a multifaceted word factory. We create stories under five different pseudonyms: Hiroshi Toshiyori, Javier Besoin, Kaspar Vusser, Søren Nitte Niller. And for us, that’s clearly not enough. There is a lot in front of us and hiding within us, all of which needs to be born.

We work with words, concepts, concepts, we weave verbal fabrics, add our own special touch and texture, adventure in different spaces, mould it into a digital reading and viewing experience.

Everything is authentic, original. We tend to combine different principles – words complemented by image or movement, or all at once, not separate at all. We think it’s clearly better and more exciting that way.

We like things with a twist. Artists, choreographers, weirdos and other sensitive people can feel free to join us. If the feeling and the interaction is there, we work together.

When necessary, we’ll come out of our own box – helping you to advance your wording, create clarity of meaning and text structure. We’ll bring your meaning to the fore. Connect with us. Get in touch.

Oh yes, our work is mainly in digital form, but sometimes you can find our work in physical form too.


Hiroshi Toshiyori

Mystic, wanderer, tracker, seeker, finder and senser. Hiroshi's roots are in Japan, but his nature and sensibility transcend the boundaries of the imperial island nation. He follows in the footsteps of Matsuo Bashō and Saigyō on his journeys, mastering esotericism and martial arts, and is moderately powerful, elastic and flexible in his movements.

Javier Besoin

A mature man of refined taste, not afraid to show his true, rich side. Javier's background is varied - he has Spanish and French blood in his veins, was born in Barcelona, and spends most of his time in Paris.

Søren Nitte Niller

Sören is a moderately romantic young man of Danish origin who loves women and socialising. Being a man is central to Sören's thoughts and expressions, but there is often a boyish dimension to his actions and behaviour.

Kaspar Vusser

Kaspar is a multi-faceted Estonian man whose expressiveness and experimental spirit are of the highest caliber.