Business and management consulting

Our focus is on people and the work they do.
We engage with all levels of the organisation. We help bring out the potential of people and promote organisational sustainability.
We work with you on projects, building a team that is aligned with your organisation.
We’ll make sure that everything you need is in place at the right time and that your project is a success.

Creating sustainable progress

How can we be of use?

Team building

We help to specify and create job roles, build competency models, find the right people to fill them. We analyse the suitability of candidates for the chosen role using modern and research-based methods. We assist in the final selection from a shortlist of candidates. We support people in getting familiar with the organisation and provide personalised support in setting and achieving objectives. We help keep people energised and focused.

Enhancing workflows

We map the current situation, describe the actions needed to achieve the objective, build processes based on the actions that will improve the management system. We will develop a holistic view of the company’s activities at both organisational and individual level. We better understand and structure the work to be done.

Change management

Strategies, development plans, conceptual approach, communicating to stakeholders, thought partnership, designing people and business strategies and building coherence. A practical view. Preparedness for change management. Finding resources to implement change. Structuring and evaluating thoughts and views, developing action plans and support for change implementation, delivery. Resilience and ongoing support to implement long-term plans.

Thought Partnership

As a partner, we offer our own perspectives and solutions for creating strategies, development plans, concepts and problem-solving. We can also act as a coach or mentor, if needed. We will find and embody new breathing.

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