Kaspar Vusser

Kaspar is a multi-faceted Estonian man whose expressiveness and experimental spirit are of the highest caliber.

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Within Kaspar bustle words and dance, urban and forest space, crickets and pines, seagulls and sparrows. Kaspar wanders in thoughts and words. His creative work has been influenced by doctors and electronic technicians, biochemists and engineers, life artists, musicians and graphic designers. Kaspar wants to know a lot and to experience it practically. Although Kaspar verbally wishes wisdom, fun and love for all, this does not mean that he lacks great and deep content – pain and suffering are no strangers to him. He understands the whole spectrum of life, but Kaspar’s main belief is that not everything should be taken too seriously. Light; light, yes, is the beginning of everything!


Fragmente kehavalgusest 1 (2019)


Sihtpunkt Teleateljee (2019)


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