Sihtpunkt Teleateljee

Sihtpunkt Teleateljee (2019)

“Sihtpunkt Teleateljee” is a verbal trap, where the impulses and formats of electronic phenomena from the historical bundle of flashes are gathered. The work contains four vectors: 1.Biological and physical – individuals, profiles, genetics and matter; 2.Social and historical – social rhythms, group movements, the origins of the information society; 3.Technical – light bulbs, transistors, microcircuits; 4.Mental – the interior, the level of emotions and perceptions. As a result, it comes very close to solving the paradox of the cosmic constant. All the stories described in the work have happened in real life.


  • Date of publication: 2019 / 2021
  • Publisher: KEHA360 OÜ
  • Language:Estonian
  • Category: poetry

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