Hiroshi Toshiyori

“Not too prepared, not too easy to
to understand. Sufficiently complex and intriguing.
Laconicism is central.”

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Hiroshi’s literary expression is sparse, but dense in content and thought. When you have a lot to say but few words. Sometimes all it takes is one word to change your balance and being for the better. Walk with me through the world of words, of feelings, of thoughts.

Take small bites. Like a meal made just for you.

Silence is an invitation to express creation and nature. Sensing space and being in it is very important. A good result does not come from pushing. Walk, move, think, become excited, connect with your story and experience.

Reach out. Someone comes and brings a message, in the form of a book.

What happens next?

You go on a mission. You have a mission. In the midst of nature, everything is beautiful. Wonderful, wonderful, phenomenally beautiful. Could it be any other way?

Hiroshi’s sayings are like verbal acupuncture – healing, toning, balancing. Inspired by nature and in harmony with nature and man.

Hiroshi Taust


“Mystic, wanderer, tracker, seeker, finder and knower. “

Hiroshi’s roots are in Japan, but his nature and sensibility transcend the boundaries of the imperial island nation. The word-masks are rich, the stylistic idiosyncratically pure and minimalist, touching on being in many dimensions.

Combining the timeless with his writings, Ikigai is brightly conscious, emulating the wabi-sabi dimension. Walks in the footsteps of Matsuo Bashō and Saigyō in his journeys, mastering esotericism and martial arts, and is moderately vigorous, elastic and flexible in movement.


Lean Inwards (2021)


Serenity (2018)


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