Lean Inwards (2021)

“It’s a complicated world. You can feel confused at times.” Who hasn’t felt that way once in their life?

When social constraints disappear, fields appear that seem to need to be filled in action. How can we manage so that old mistakes don’t happen again? Something could be a compass, a beacon, a calibration point. For some, it’s parents, for some it’s the forest, for some it’s the sea, music or the sky. Some have a book. Choosing a book – choose this one! Hiroshi Toshiyori has put together ten simple points of reflection to sharpen your sense of self and the world. Take a read – gather your wits, step forward, one step at a time!


  • Year: 2021
  • Type: poetry
  • Language: Estonian
  • Publisher: KEHA360 OÜ
  • Format: ePub, PDF

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